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To view the slideshow and all photographs from this wedding please visit: Ceremony Venue: Sacred Heart Church, Gibraltar Gibraltar Reception Venue: The Landing’s Restaurant Wedding Dress:  Pronovias Hair: Rosa at Roots  Make Up: Davina Clancy at Seruya Floral Decor:  Tanya Pratts at The Flower Shop Wedding Photographer: Ana Vas Photography Videographer: Candessence Cinematography Cake:  The Landing’s Restaurant

Jennifer and Magnus started their day at the The Rock Hotel . The ceremony was held at The Dell at the Alameda Gardens followed by some drinks and canapés. The wedding party then made their way up to the top of the Rock to celebrate their wedding reception at the beautiful Mons Calpe Suite. The whole day […]

To view the slideshow from this wedding please visit: Ceremony Venue: Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned Gibraltar Reception Venue: Asador La Cancha II Sotogrande Wedding Dress: Septima Parte Makeup: Nyree Chipolina – Hair: Cutting Edge Floral Decor: Gibral Flora DJ: Racs & Lima Caterer: Asador La Cancha II Wedding Photographer: Ana Vas Photography

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