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Jennifer and Magnus started their day at the The Rock Hotel . The ceremony was held at The Dell at the Alameda Gardens followed by some drinks and canapés. The wedding party then made their way up to the top of the Rock to celebrate their wedding reception at the beautiful Mons Calpe Suite. The whole day […]

So if there was one reason to get into the wedding business, this could easily be it! – An invite to Sweet Things by Fi‘s The Cake Boutique’s Official Opening. I can finally say, the cakes actually taste as AMAZING as they look! MMMmmm…. 🙂

    This wedding was beautifully understated. A lovely, outdoor, civil ceremony at The Mount, followed by some drinks and a few photos. The party then headed down to the Waterfront for their reception. I loved the flowers used for the bouquets and cake topper, and check out that detail on the cake itself. I […]

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