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To view the slideshow from this wedding please visit: Ceremony Venue: Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned Gibraltar Reception Venue: Asador La Cancha II Sotogrande Wedding Dress: Septima Parte Makeup: Nyree Chipolina – Hair: Cutting Edge Floral Decor: Gibral Flora DJ: Racs & Lima Caterer: Asador La Cancha II Wedding Photographer: Ana Vas Photography

So if there was one reason to get into the wedding business, this could easily be it! – An invite to Sweet Things by Fi‘s The Cake Boutique’s Official Opening. I can finally say, the cakes actually taste as AMAZING as they look! MMMmmm…. 🙂

So I met this guy (we’ll call him Roger) and we had that conversation. That conversation where the guy declares that, for various reasons, he “doesn’t believe in marriage”. Now, I’ve heard this all before, (It comes up a little more often since I became a wedding photographer) and if I’m honest, I agreed with almost every […]

What an awesome experience this was. I was asked by Craig to film “Live at the Moorish Castle” DVD and even though I was little apprehensive to begin with, seeing as I’d never done this before, it turned out to be an unforgettable experience. Amazing to try something new, meet and work with a great […]

My first real day off in a long time and I’m feeling all the better for it. 🙂 How lucky am I to live in a place like Tarifa? The moment you stop working, it feels like you’re on holiday.

So we started off with a formal greeting, giving this blog a sense of direction, but now I want to move onto something a little more fun. I spoke about this business being based on love, in all its forms. So with that in mind, I’d like to discuss food. 🙂 If you know me […]

“There’s something I just can’t get out of my head. It’s this dream I have. It’s big, in a good, scary kinda way. It starts, and ends, with taking photos of love. It’s a dream that I could make a difference.” I dream of capturing our love for each other, so that we are always […]

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