So I met this guy (we’ll call him Roger) and we had that conversation. That conversation where the guy declares that, for various reasons, he “doesn’t believe in marriage”. Now, I’ve heard this all before, (It comes up a little more often since I became a wedding photographer) and if I’m honest, I agreed with almost every point Roger made. Almost.

You see this got me thinking. If I agreed with him that marriage isn’t necessary in order to have a committed relationship that lasts a lifetime and that neither the law nor religion should have anything to do with love, then how could I be a wedding photographer without feeling like a big fat hypocrite??

Well here’s how:

After a few days of wondering why, in spite of all those beliefs, I still love weddings, I came up with this:  It’s not about the dress, the shoes, or the flowers. Its not about the canapés, buffets or the artistically designed, heavenly desserts that we call “The Wedding Cake”. Even though all these things make for a fabulous wedding, I do think that the whole thing is ultimately all about love.

It’s about celebrating the most important thing in our lives. It’s about celebrating the fact that against all odds, two people have fallen in love with each other and are promising to spend the rest of their lives together. Believing so completely, that they are willing to stand up, not in front of the law, not in front of God, but in front of the people that mean the most to them and make that incredible promise.

My dad once told me that life is 90% crap. It’s just a fact. That’s exactly why we need to find that other 10% in every teeny thing we do and thank our lucky stars for it. I believe that this is true. Yes, I am a self-proclaimed cheese ball. Yes, I love chick flicks and yes, I am the biggest soppiest romantic you will ever meet. But even though, like my Dad, I believe that life can be down right harsh, I’ve just learnt to find beauty, romance, and love, in as many unlikely places as possible.

So how could you not celebrate this? How could you not forget about everything trivial in your life, set aside all worries for one day and celebrate something amazing? If not this, then what? And with that being said, how could I not love capturing the priceless moments that help make the memory of this day last a lifetime?

So yes, I believe that neither law nor religion should have anything to do with love and yes, two people can commit to loving each other for a lifetime without getting married. But if I am ever lucky enough to fall madly in love with a person who loves me too, then you’d better believe that I’ll be celebrating it with a wedding in front of the people I love.

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