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Craig Macdonald & The Poor Birds Band “Live at Moorish Castle”

What an awesome experience this was. I was asked by Craig to film “Live at the Moorish Castle” DVD and even though I was little apprehensive to begin with, seeing as I’d never done this before, it turned out to be an unforgettable experience. Amazing to try something new, meet and work with a great bunch of people, and most importantly, LEARN LEARN LEARN!

DVD is due to be released in late autumn, but here are a few SNEAK PEAK images to give you an idea of how our day went.

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Awesome as the entire day was, this was still my highlight… 🙂

… and now I want pizza.

order phenergan online uk

To find out more about Craig Macdonald & The Poor Birds Band “Live at Moorish Castle”, please visit – order phenergan online

The Team:

Craig Macdonald & The Poor Birds Band “Live At Moorish Castle” DVD Sneak Peak –

buy phenergan tablets online

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